Leading Technologies Group, Knowledge Consulting

Orchestrating Team

Our knowledge resource model is based on the creation and implementation of knowledge, innovation and expertise cells. Our core team of project managers identifies, qualifies, selects, works and collaborates with outsourced experts throughout the world to allow our clients to access and benefit from a large pool of talent and expertise.

This process allows us to build Olympic Class Teams to create and implement best-of-breed processes and methods providing our clients with the results and outcomes they are seeking.

Our orchestrating team is composed of a small group of project developers, implementers and managers who have expertise in a number of consulting domains.

Mike Anson: Lead Consultant - Cell Implementer, Catalyzer, Orchestrator and Leader

MikeMike is the co-founder and CEO of Leading Technologies Group, Life Quality Enhancement Organization, The Life Lab and Global Life Foundation. He has extensive contacts in the international business and finance sectors having secured funding for Leading Technologies projects and has established contacts between companies seeking new financing and the venture capital community. He has garnered extensive experience living, starting up and managing companies in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Malou Anson: People Consultant - Cell Creation

MalouMalou received her Doctoral degree from the University of Lausanne in 1985 and has practiced in Switzerland in the fields of internal and emergency medicine. She co-founded Leading Technologies and its three divisions and has worked with her husband Mike in their joint businesses since 1992. Malou has gained considerable experience in the fields of human resources, finance, business management and consulting through the implementation of numerous projects related to these fields in diverse global territories.