Leading Technologies Group, Knowledge Consulting

Our Methodologies

Our methodology focuses on identifying, enabling and maximizing the creation, application and circulation of knowledge at three distinct organizational levels; the individual, teams and the organization’s external community and environment.

This methodology is based on a simple, yet very powerful process, implemented in seven distinct phases, which revolve around the key theme of awareness at the individual, group and collective levels. Within each phase there are seven unique steps each also revolving around the key theme of awareness. The methods are implemented in both individual and group cells at each phase and step of the Knowledge Catalyzing Process® whilst maintaining a connection to the awareness processes.

Our principle methodologies which are implemented in the Knowledge Catalyzing Cell include:

Coupled with our proprietary methods and in partnership with our clients we select and source a complementary pallet of tools and methods from our proprietary bank of Knowledge Assets which we have developed over our 25 years of operation.

This provides our clients with unique, custom and tailor-based solutions and results that are unlike any other available on the market today.

Figure 2: The Knowledge Catalyzing Process