Leading Technologies Group, Knowledge Consulting


Leading Technologies Group is the central implementation and catalyzing vehicle for our consulting work. We have three independent divisions which serve to research, catalogue, review and disseminate global sources of information, knowledge, methods and expertise for the application of our core methodologies within the three distinct tiers we serve; People – Organizational Performance - Planet.

People: Life Quality Enhancement Organization, coordinates and conducts worldwide research on quality of life, publishes information, organizes and holds events on human well-being and life quality enhancement processes, methodologies and empowerment solutions. These solutions help individuals discover and release their unique innovative and creative talents.

Organizational Performance: The Life Lab, is a continually evolving fractal cellular grid of people, projects and organizations researching, applying and enhancing new group interaction and relationship methodologies, processes and techniques in order to enhance and maximize organizational performance.

Community and Planet: Global Life Foundation coordinates, orchestrates and creates networks of excellence, in collaboration with a worldwide team of partners, global networks of financiers, consultants and organizations that are dedicated to creating and implementing new economic and educational paradigms, addressing and resolving the “root causes” of our global challenges in ethical and sustainable ways.

This process is implemented within our unique Cellular Knowledge Catalyzing Structure shown below in Figure 1.

Figure 1: The Cellular Knowledge Catalyzing Structure