Leading Technologies Group, Knowledge Consulting


As society evolves from the post industrial era to the knowledge era, innovation and creativity are becoming some of the most important assets inherent in individuals, organizations, and society, those that will enable a thriving, prospering and sustainable world.

Many governments, organizations and institutes have recognized this fact; however some may need more effective and productive tools, methods, and processes to activate and unleash the undiscovered and untapped potential that exist in their people, structures, and networks.

Leading Technologies Group is an innovative knowledge consulting company that works with corporate executives and leaders, governments, and not-for-profits to help them succeed and flourish in the emerging knowledge economy and society.

We consider knowledge and innovation and the intangible assets that lead to its creation, application and circulation, as the true contributors to organizational and societal value. Our consulting services therefore aim to discover, create and nurture innovation and learning that can be harnessed and shared in win-win-win scenarios.

We achieve this by applying our unique consulting methodologies to assist our clients identify, qualify, quantify and optimize the value of their organizational knowledge and intangible assets. Our clients use the results of this process to develop enhanced operating methods that help them transition into and flourish in the knowledge economy and society.